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Nu Cybertek does not collect any personal information about visitors to this Site (such as names or e-mail addresses) unless visitors provide such information voluntarily. If visitors do not want their personal information compiled, such information should not be submitted through this Website.

If personal information is submitted, such information may be used as follows:

(a) information submitted by visitors may be stored and analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness of efforts made to improve Nu Cybertek's products as permitted by California law; and (b) information submitted may be used to contact individuals regarding their inputs for improve our peoducts purposes as allowed under California law.

Nu Cybertek will not sell, rent or market personal information to third parties. All information submitted through the Submit button will be kept confidential at all times. Nu Cybertek may collect technical information related to visitors such as the type of internet browser and/or computer operating system being utilized as well as the domain name of any website visitors utilize to link to this Site. Such technical information will not include the personal information discussed above. If you have any questions about anything discussed herein, please contact Nu Cybertek at: info@nucybertek.com

Terms and Conditions

Access to and use of this Site are subject to the following Terms and Conditions as well as all applicable regulations and laws. By using this Site, visitors accept and agree to be bound by, without limitation, the Terms and Conditions discussed herein, and acknowledge that any contrary agreements are superseded by the following:

Visitors may browse this Site freely, but no information from this Site may be downloaded for any type of commercial use. All information and content within this Site are subject to copyright protection and may not be used in any form without prior written consent from Nu Cybertek, Inc. Under no circumstances will Nu Cybertek, Inc. incur liability for any type of damages or fines (actual, consequential, special, punitive or otherwise) arising out of or relating to this Site or any content therein. Nu Cybertek, Inc. provides no warranty of any kind (express or implied) in connection with this Site or any information contained therein. Nu Cybertek, Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions committed in connection with this Site.

Nu Cybertek, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability in connection with any damages to any computer equipment or software resulting from or occurring in connection with this Site or any use thereof. Nu Cybertek, Inc. reserves the right to supplement or modify any information contained in this Site without prior notice. Nu Cybertek, Inc. shall not be responsible or liable for any interruption or discontinuance of this Site or any content therein regardless of whether Nu Cybertek, Inc. or any third party affiliated therewith commits any action or omission resulting in any interruption or discontinuance of this Site. Any information (personal or otherwise) provided by any visitors to this Site will be kept confidential and used in accordance with California law.

Any unauthorized use or duplication of this Site or any content therein will subject the user to legal liability under any and all applicable laws and regulations including copyright, trademark, privacy and other laws or regulations. All of the information in this Site is protected under copyright, trademark and other state and federal laws and regulations, and nothing herein shall be interpreted to grant any right or license to use any information from this Site without Nu Cybertek, Inc.'s prior written permission.

If any links are contained in this Site, such links are intended for the convenience of visitors. Nu Cybertek, Inc. has no responsibility for or control over the content of any site to which any link applies. Links to any other sites shall not constitute sponsorship, approval or endorsement of such sites or any content therein. Any links to this Site must connect to the home page of this Site only.

For policies applicable to the confidentiality and privacy of information submitted by visitors to this Site, see the "Privacy Policy" contained on this Site. The laws of the State of California shall apply to any and all matters arising from or relating to the content or use of this Site as well as any submission of information to this Site by visitors. Any disputes related to this Site or any information submitted to this Site by visitors shall be litigated and resolved in the District Court of California County and/or the United States District Court for the Western District of California. Nu Cybertek, Inc. may revise, modify or supplement any of these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. Any and all visitors to this Site agree to and are bound by the terms and conditions contained in this Site.

If you have any questions about the Registry or anything discussed herein, please contact Nu Cybertek, Inc. at: info@nucybertek.com.

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