Dr. Ning Pan's Group
Biomechanical Modeling
Carpet Walking Stability

Postural Sway on Carpeted Floors

A Center-of -Pressure (COP) profile on Carpet

Note: x ¨C anteroposterior, y ¨C mediolateral, r - planar

Modeling of synovial fluid-cartilage-bone joint motion

Rheumatic diseases in joints

Joint performance

Efficient lubrication

knee Joint cartridge movement

Inflammatory cartilage-subchondrial bone, with d=0.15mm

Sleeve ¨C Arm Interaction

Influence of fabric stiffness

Fabric deformation and contact status at time 0.2 second;

(A) 200MPa; (B) 400 MPa; (C) 600 MPa; (D) 800 MPa

Influence of friction coefficient.

Stenosis and Blood Flow Modeling

Blood CFD: predication of blood/vessel disease


Blood Flow Modeling

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