Dr. Ning Pan's Group
Tactile Sensory Evaluation of Fabrics

Tactile sense is an important way of human interactions with the hand sense the environment. The study of tactile sense, or the hap tics, has received tremendous attentions for its potential applications in computer virtual reality, remote surgery and manipulation as well as in packaging techniques, sports products design and automobile industries. However, the research and evaluation attempt on tactile sensory response by touching fabrics was conducted in textile research as early as 1913.

A New Fabric Performance Evaluation System - PhabrOmeter® System

Fabric Performance Properties included the following items:

  • Reletive Hand Value

  • stiffness

  • softness

  • smoothness

  • a unique fingerprint for each tested fabric

  • fabric wrinkle recovery

  • fabric drape

  • fabric stretch-ability

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