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Mechanics of Materials

Mechanics of Fibrous Materials

Nonlinearity ¨C Finite Elasticity

Mixture Theories

Biomimesis in High-tech Swim Suits

Resistive Force ¨C body drag

  • Little is known about the magnitude of the wave drag relative to the other drag components

  • Balance between skin friction and head resistance depends upon Reynolds number (NR=¦Ñva/¦Ç)

    • NR < 2000 Skin friction dominant

    • NR > 2000 Head resistance dominant

Resistive Force ¨C Human being

  • NR >> 2000 head resistance dominant

  • Experimental confirmed this theoretical prediction.

  • Decrease skin friction contribute relatively small to the reduction of resistive drag force.

Mechanism of SPEEDO Fastskin

  • Mimics the sharkskin with drag-reducing grooves.

  • Reduce drag by channeling the water along grooves in the fabric.

  • These grooves allow the water to spiral in microscopic vortices.

  • Fastskin passive drag values were significantly less than normal swimsuits.

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