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Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes

J. Mater. Sci., 2005 (DOI: 10.1039/b414682d) reported:

Nanotube thin films

Ning Pan and colleagues at the University of California at Davis, US, have discovered a simple but effective way of preparing carbon nanotube (NT) thin films from concentrated colloidal suspensions. The films are flexible in nature and have highly ordered structures. Carbon NT thin films are advantageous in that no binder is needed and therefore they may form excellent electrode material for supercapacitors with high power density.

Nanostructured Supercapacitors

Fig(left) SEM images showing the surfaces of nanotube films prepared from suspensions using different solvents:

(a) distilled water

(b) ethanol.

High Performance of our New Electrode

Fig(below) The CV at high scan rate of supercapacitors fabricated using our technique

Soft Battery for Smart Clothing

Clothing designed around functionality has been around for a few years now: crumple free shirts that needs no ironing and teflon coated fabrics that resist greasy stains are a couple.

Scientists, not normally known for their fashion sense could be the leaders in tomorrow's fashion stakes. Right at the forefront of the textile industry intelligent clothing is being developed that revolutionises our perception of clothes.

Smart clothing, or I-Wear may not look radically different but incorporates an array of conducting strands interwoven with textile yarn which enable it to become sensory and provide information that assists the wearer.

This technology has the potential to have a big impact on our daily lives from work, leisure and health. In work, phones could be integrated into the lapels of our jackets and the pockets could record meetings. In health and sport clothing could be produced that senses if the wearer becomes too cold and then warms their body with the aid of battery or stored solar power. It could also keep a check on the user's health with the aid of a heart monitor and if problems occur let a hospital know by transmitting information to the nearest hospital.

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